Warranty service

LURITZ provides 5-year warranty for its products and mounting works. A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is provided for the fittings.

Any defects affecting the appearance or function of the product that come about during the manufacturing processes or when we were installing it shall be removed free of charge.


We do not forget our clients once their warranty had expired – we offer all window, door or facade structure repairs, as well as replacements for worn-down components, fractured or broken window or door glass. Quite often, there is no point in rushing to replace wooden structures that have been adversely affected by the atmosphere or by improper handling – timely maintenance or minor repairs will return the product to its original functionality, greatly extend its service life and help avoid further expense and worry down the road.


When should you call for a specialist? Here are four signs that indicate that your windows are in need of maintenance:


– noticeably worse thermal insulation
– hard to open or close
– misted up glass or frames
– change in the colour of the wooden frame